The 5 Essentials To Concepting The Perfect Video

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Since the first ever film way back in the 1890s to modern day moving pictures, storytelling has come to life by being able to visualise it. The art of storytelling, whether factual or fictional, is an intrinsic human quality, hence why we can all relate to stories.

But from my experience, many young brands overlook the importance their video’s concept, instead preferring to rush in without considering five critical questions:

  • What are you actually promoting?

This might sound obvious, but you must be clear on exactly what you want to ‘sell’ in your video. The easiest way to attract attention for your brand is to create a video that people are going to enjoy watching. But it’s also essential to highlight your USPs and reflect your brand personality, so your audience are not only captivated by your video, they get a full sense of your product or service.

  • Who are you targeting?

This often starts with brainstorming. Decide who your target audience is and how the video will be relevant, engaging, fun and even helpful to people of that demographic. It’s possible that people outside your target market may relate to your video. Researching and brainstorming are absolutely essential to creating a winning production.

  • Where are you filming?

Location, location, location. In video, the location sets the tone of your production and actually tells a story of its own. When researching potential locations, it is important to consider options that you believe will resonate with both your audience and your brand. Your location is not only the backdrop, it acts as the subtle underlying message of your video.

  • How detailed is your story?

They say the devil is in the detail, and it’s no less important when creating a video. A script and storyboard are essential elements and can be as vague or as detailed as you like, however I prefer to go as detailed as possible. You should include camera direction, sound effects, and props and costumes, dialogue, voice over, ambience. Have you ever wondered why some burger commercials show close-ups of the meat and add the subtle sizzling sound? In focus groups – brands noticed that kinesthetic scenes increase the heart-rate of viewers, adding a greater connection to the story.

  • Is your message getting across?

Given the impact and viewer engagement that video creates, it is the perfect media to use to communicate your key messages. This can be achieved in different ways: the location plays a part, as do your unique attributes and the use of props. The key is to ask yourself “what do we want our audience to come away at the end of the video?” That will drive the concept, the big idea and the call to action.

I’d also like to leave you with a top pro-tip: do not underestimate the power of celebrity. The use of endorsements can make a big difference. Statistically, people are more inclined to watch a video if it features someone famous, whether locally or internationally.

Until next time!

Amir Sedra is Head of Videography at Alsayegh Media. Featured in many award-winning pieces including the shortlisted ‘We Are All Police’ television commercial in 2017, he is an avid part of the regional and international cinematic community. In his spare time, Amir enjoys dissecting 90s gangster rap music videos.