Al Araifi Goes Social!

These days everyone talks about “thinking outside the box”, but when was the last time the world stood still and applauded a truly unique concept? That’s exactly what happened with Du’s award-winning Ramadan campaign: a shining example of how to double your fans through social media creativity which you never thought possible!

Alsayegh Media was given the uphill challenge of attracting a very religious population segment. It was extremely tricky and slippery because with religion, you must treat both the audience and the message with extra sensitivity and respect, to avoid offending or alienating anyone.

It was like walking in a minefield: if we didn’t choose each step carefully then – BOOM! – the next step could be our last! We had to tread softly, walking a fine line between wanting to create a bold and brave campaign, yet catering to a conservative audience.

After countless sleepless nights of meticulously strategizing, we cracked the problem by creating a unique hook. Dozens of ideas were brainstormed and either finetuned or rejected internally – but even the ones we never used brought us a step closer to our unique solution.

We decided that as one of the Arab world’s most recognizable brands, the heart, face and voice of our campaign should be one of the Arab world’s most recognizable and respected religious personalities: Dr Mohammed Aloraifi. After a few rounds of discussions, he saw the amazing potential and generously agreed.

Since this idea has never been attempted, we were on new ground and had to tread carefully. Several units and professionals team worked in tandem with each other: from our Head of Social Media, Digital Developers, Audio Designers to our CEO who was the overall guardian and spearheader of the entire vision.

We booked Dr Aloraifi for 30 days in a hotel room, which became his On-Air Studio. We then specially ordered the latest hi-tech recording device from the UK, for world class voice quality. As the icing on the cake, we built a Facebook app to host the recording after being filtered and edited by our Audio Head.

In only a month, the fans virtually doubled from 18,000 to 33,000! Moreover, a new segment with unique qualities had been attracted, which Du can utilize in upcoming campaigns.

Du was showered with widespread praise and publicity, culminating in it being recently shortlisted for an international award! This stunning success story is now a case study for us, as proof that when an open-minded client (Du) meets a forward-thinking agency (Alsayegh Media), fireworks will ignite and nothing is impossible. In fact, more success is already in the pipeline…