App Development Do’s & Don’ts

Apps are everywhere these days and Sophina Dillard rounded up some fine do’s and don’ts for developing apps which can help noobs and pros alike in their workflows. She says:

As per the recent survey conducted by ICD, every forth persons owns a smartphone in USA. Smartphones and tablets are changing the way of life. Now, there is an application which is helping us in almost every vertical of our life. More and more businesses are creating apps to grab more customers from the market. Some of the application are also being made for company’s employees.

However, developing software’s for enterprises is really not a simple task. The developer has to understand the need of the market and the desired outcome of the enterprise before outlining the structure of an application.

Developers most of the time has to work with multiple technologies and highly distributed environments in order to build a robust application which can be run on the multi-cross platform. The growing rate of smartphones and tablets only add pressure to develop better applications.

There are some dos and don’ts which a developer must follow in order to make right and robust application which can be unique and useful. Those are-



– Think about the experience you want to give to the user before creating an application.
– Incorporate all the factors and sensors. Do not forget that smartphones have cameras, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. Utilize the function of all (or some) and create a robust application.
– Incorporate your business objective with mesh services. There are so many useful things which we need in our day-to-day life, incorporate them with your business objective.
– Create an app which is actually useful. Don’t create an app, just for the sake of it. There is no use of that. Try to create something which can simplify the life of human beings.
– Give due importance to the real-time factor because mobiles are always with us. The developer must understand that users are always connected and all the live updates must reach to them within minutes.



– Do not copy applications. If the application is already available in the market, you don’t have to copy it. Don’t try to change “some elements” so that you can give your name to that application. Think something innovative.
– Create an application only if it’s necessary because an application without any functionality is actually of no use. You must try and define the objective which you are trying to achieve before creating an application.
– Try and run your application at least 50 times before launching it in the market. Just because you have a timeline to beat, you cannot create any app and launch it in the market. This will backfire on you.
– The developer must understand that there is a huge difference between the mobile application and desktop application. You cannot have same functionality in both of them. Keep your target audience in mind before creating an application.


In the end, we can say that even though market is booming with new mobile applications on regular basis. There is still always a scope for a new application which is useful for the people. Choose the right service to develop an effective mobile app for your business.

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