Behind the scenes on a pitch

They say “Life is a pitch,” and copywriters know this better than anyone. We are part of the life cycle of every pitch, from brainstorming to execution to on-the-ground implementation.

Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of a new RFP (Request For Proposals), with endless sleepless nights fueled only by coffee and big ideas.

Step 1: “Cracking the big idea”

Be it a design brief, TV commercial, social media campaign or creating a brand identity from scratch, the longest and most difficult step is brainstorming the concept. The big idea must have “legs”, meaning it must be flexible enough to branch out into many ads, TV commercials and more.

It’s a very tricky juggling act because your big idea must be creative enough to inspire stunning artwork, but also be strategic enough to fulfill the client’s goals.

Step 2: “Execution: The Amazing Race against time”

Since the brainstorming stage eats up the lion’s share of the time, execution becomes a race against time to beat the deadline. The creative team is split up so that different designers tackle different options, but the copywriter typically works on all the artwork.

Step 3: “Packaging the presentation”

Even if you have the most mind-blowing ideas, it won’t help if you don’t package them attractively enough to sweep the client off their feet in a 30 or 45-minute presentation.

The presentation will cover everything from international case studies, target audiences, competitor analysis, strategic insights, communication tools, timelines and more.

Step 4: “Showtime!”

You arrive at the client’s offices, butterflies flying in circles in your stomach. You meet your competitors in the lobby, and with mutual respect you wish each other well: “May the best agency win!”

You must have nerves of steel and ice water pumping through your veins, so you can calmly pitch to the client why they should trust you with their millions and embark on a relationship of several years. At Alsayegh Media this is usually the easiest part as our integrated media solutions offer irresistible value and seal the deal.