If Content is “King”, then Public Engagement is “Queen”

Many companies still use traditional media as their highway to visibility, with PR as their “fast lane”. But dig deeper into those two words: “Public” and “Relations”. Now ask yourself:

• What relations are you creating with the public via traditional media?
• What relations are you creating with the public via digital media?

Clearly traditional media is still a good channel for sending your news, messages, or reputation building content to the public. But that’s only half the story: how will you know what the public thinks about your communications?

How will you get their feedback in a two-way dialogue, if your communications are a one-way monologue? It’s like talking to someone who you can’t see because you are blindfolded, while they can’t respond because they have a mouth-gag.

Great content is one side of the equation, but public engagement will elevate your communications through blogs, news portals, social media platforms, viral videos, viral audios and much more. Why spend a fortune in researching what your target audience thinks, when they are already eager to tell you for free right now?

So don’t limit yourself to “Content is king”: combine it with public engagement to become “king” of your market!