Copywriters: Your brand’s ‘lawyers’ and ‘undercover agents’

When you think of a day in the life of a copywriter, you probably think we spend our day daydreaming of big ideas, playing Scrabble and completing crossword puzzles on our lunch break.

But while it’s true that most copywriters are bookworms with ‘geek chic’, did you know that we have much more in common with the following professionals:

Lawyers: Consumers are the judges, so we defend your brand in the court of public opinion. We plot the best messages to minimize your negatives and maximize your positives.

Undercover agents: Say a male copywriter is writing content for a women’s spa. He has to go ‘undercover’ to spy on the competitors, and understand how the target audience thinks, talks and acts. This involves extensive online research, interviews, product trials and much more.

Firefighters: Crisis management is a big part of Public Relations, so copywriters parachute straight to the source of the crisis to clear the misconceptions.

Stand-up comedian: Humor sells because once you make the audience smile or laugh, you have created a ‘feel-good effect’ and started a relationship.

Therapists: Writing is only part of a copywriter’s job; there’s also lots of listening and thinking. When writing strategies, we need to diagnose a brand’s weaknesses and strengths, insecurities and sensitivities.

Rocket Scientists: We are dreamers by nature, and are constantly thinking of ways to escape gravity and take clients to a higher level through ideas that have never been attempted before.

It really is true that the pen is mightier than the sword, so it’s reassuring to know that copywriters are the keyboard warriors that will always have your brand’s back.