Creating Experiential Content Through Live Events

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Heba Al Nabulsi, Head of Social Media – Semi-Government Sector


Whether it’s a live event or a client’s social media channels, our primary objective is to engage the audience. I believe that engagement is linked to discovery, therefore the more we discover the more opportunities we have for new conversations, both online and offline. 

With the correct planning, a live event can be the perfect platform from which to create these unique opportunities for discovery and if executed effectively, they can translate into experiential stories for social media.

It’s important to remember that your social media presence is much more than just a promotional tool for live events. Failing to use social media during an event is like ending a conversation mid-sentence it also means you lose a significant engagement and community-building opportunity.

Therefore, social media campaign conceptualisation should be conducted as early as possible in the planning stage. You should also set specific objectives, such as (for example) ensuring attendees keep talking about the event long after it has ended.

Here is a checklist of ideas to help you plan your next big event social media success:


  • Think relatable when people can relate to a piece of content, they are more likely to share it with friends, colleagues and loved ones. Create a hub for interactions.
  • Think ice breaker introduce real life conversations through social media and create a space for your audience to meet, interact and engage. Let them start conversations and not just be a part of yours.
  • Think about thinking beyond through augmented reality and other interactive technologies, your event will allow users to see more than meets the eye.  


As someone who’s had the privilege to be part of more than 1,000 social media event coverages ranging from children’s workshops to high-level governmental initiatives and occasions I speak from experience when I say that social media has the power to not only put the UAE on the global stage, but also create a personal and everlasting journey with your audience that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.


Heba Al Nabulsi is Alsayegh Media’s Head of Social Media – Semi Government Sector. One of the agency’s original staff members, she won the ‘Best Social Media Campaign – Travel, Leisure and Retail’ at the Internet Awards Middle East 2012 for her work with Global Village, Dubai.  Heba hashtags everything in her life, with #JustSaying being a particular favourite.