Cross New Boundaries with Cross Cultural PR

With virtually endless channels of communication being opened up by social media platforms, there is now no excuse for not having a multicultural PR approach that can engage diverse segments of the population – especially in cosmopolitan societies like the UAE. This international mindset in communication strategies has sparked the new trend of “Cross Cultural PR”.

Using your daily life as an example, on an average day you communicate with people of various ages, nationalities, income levels, interests and beliefs. You subconsciously find yourself adjusting your tone and message depending on who you are talking to, where and why – and your PR should follow exactly the same principle.

Gone are the days when you could get away with just having a nice logo, flashy designs and a few interviews here and there. Today’s audiences need personalized communications that connect with them in their own language and their unique interests.

Make your PR go viral and it will cross borders – you will find yourself getting fans and customers in places you didn’t even know existed!

Finally, here’s a word of caution: first understand the cultures in-depth before you try to use their cultural traits in your communications. If you get it wrong, there could be a fine line between a ‘type’ and a ‘stereotype’…