Data Mining in Social Media

A few years back everyone was emphasizes the need to go online and then social media came along and everyone was stressing the need to go social. All digital gurus focused their attention on content, after all content is still king with user engagement as its queen.

However, all of this comes with strong user and fan insight. Knowing when and how your fans get up in the morning to have their double shot latte and being able to use such insight to your brand’s advantage is taking social media insights and data mining to the next level.

Data mining is under utilized in the MENA region, imagine if each brand created a profile of each and everyone of their customers where all their likes and dislikes are mentioned along with their latest vacation destination and their favorite restaurants, coffee shops, retails stores and so on.

You’ll be able to access an entire customer’s life choices through a click of a button and from there the possibilities become limitless. Hard core personalization becomes a piece of cake, however now with the spread of social media we can easily aim towards social-personalization with a twist of the viral element.

What about techniques for conducting data mining you ask? Well at the moment it is a testing ground with many digital gurus utilizing more than one technique making their way through a process of trial and error.