Fishing In A Swimming Pool: Is Your Media Center Where The Fish Are?

If you work in or with the media sector, chances are that you’ve been involved with what is called a media center – whether or not you were aware of it at the time. This stores and organizes the media content which PR and marketing executives collect, based on conventional media coverage. The media center is usually well organized and kept within the company website. This arrangement has worked well enough over the past few years – but now “well enough” just isn’t “good enough” anymore.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) this formula is no longer adequate. Think about it: the reason why most companies need the media center in the first place is so that they can capitalize on this content and make it available for their online crowd. Now the million dollar question is: where exactly is the crowd? It’s definitely not inside the website media center. The only exception is a minority of people who are seeking very specific information related to that particular brand, or B2B business opportunities.

Perhaps the simplest way I can explain it is: this is the equivalent of a bank installing a new ATM… but then keeping that ATM inside the bank itself! If the customer can only access his money by walking into the bank (and only during business hours), then why even have the ATM in the first place? It must be outside, where the people are – and the same goes for media content.

Taking into consideration B2C organizations who create content with long lasting value, they need to be where the crowds are. This includes different social platforms, forums, search engines and other online buzzing places. Marketers should start thinking like fishermen: you must first spot where the fish are, then select the right bait to attract the right type of fish. If you don’t, you might as well be fishing in a swimming pool… Because in a swimming pool, even with the best bait in the world, you’re still going home empty-handed if you’re not where the fish are.

In today’s evolving world, content should not just be captured in one place because the horizon of the digital space is expanding literally every second. Therefore marketers must be on a continuous hunt for their audiences. The ‘prey’ is the customer, and the ‘hunting spear’ is the best digitally developed content. Simply reusing content that is almost just copy-pasted from conventional media would be like reusing a fishing hook that you used to catch a previous fish – forgetting that there’s no longer a juicy worm as bait on your hook.