Halftime Report on PR & Social Media- The Hits & Misses of 2012 so far

As the year passes the halfway mark, let’s look in the rear view mirror and see what’s hot and what’s not – the hits and the misses.


What starts out as a brilliant idea can quickly backfire into a spectacular disaster.

Disaster Scenario: A leading fast food giant learned this the hard way, when it created a Twitter campaign that invited followers to share their wonderful experiences at its outlets.

On paper, this sounds like a wonderful way to interact with the audience and generate testimonials. In reality however, it quickly mutated into a nightmare for the brand, as followers exchanged tweets about the horrible service and disgusting food they’d received at its outlets.

The lesson: Always have a Plan B for reputation management. For instance, this brand could have turned these lemons into lemonade, by turning previously unsatisfied customers into brand ambassadors. Endorsements are much more credible when they come from previously unhappy customers.


Viral and apps are alive and well, as evidenced by some outstanding campaigns.

Success Story: For the Ramadan campaign of its client du, Alsayegh Media developed an app where fans could record their questions, to be answered by a highly-respected Sheikh via video.

The lesson: Always give your audience something that’s relevant to their lifestyles, relevant to the time and relevant to their needs.


This year, social media has put its foot on the accelerator and become an irreversible part of our lives. As proof, the London Olympics are about to be the first “social media Olympics”. Athletes have been given guidelines on what to tweet or post and what to avoid, to protect the Olympics’ reputation.