How 21st century PR can save the earth and save your brand

When your brand is mentioned in the daily newspapers (i.e printed in ‘black and white’), you can enjoy temporary fame as a local, regional or even international headline.

However when you send your news to print media (newspapers, magazines), it is trimmed, rearranged, chopped, changed, published, read and forgotten within a day — or a week if you’re lucky.

Plan B:
“Think green” by sending your news to digital platforms. It is picked up, published as it is, and will still be available long after you’ve retired!
When you send press releases to digital platforms, they are picked up as well, with a higher possibility of reaching a wider regional or international audience. It’s easy access for an entire lifetime — extended exposure that goes beyond geographical location and time constraints.

Make this Plan B or your new Plan A. Yes, keep an eye on traditional PR, but don’t be left behind by the digital bandwagon. You can then engage a wider audience for longer, triggering an emotional attachment with your fans.
In an era of advanced technologies and industries, the media is evolving to support Mother Nature. But “going green” doesn’t just mean saving paper; it means saving time, energy, money, stress and brain cells.
So benefit from wider exposure, lifetime coverage, and easy access to your news.
Go green, go digital… or go home.