How To Get The Media On Your Side

The biggest challenge companies face is in bringing the media on their side and getting the attention of journalists to publish positive stories about their brands.

However, some of the biggest and juiciest stories are going unnoticed – simply because the message is being wrongly delivered. The trick is not about what you have to offer to the media. It’s all about what the media wants.

Do your homework: Every journalist gets countless stories daily, but most of them go directly to the bin simply because it does not fit with their agenda. The solution is to research, find hot topics that the media is craving to rave about, and then link your story from that angle.

It’s called NEWS for a reason: Never forget that the media is a business too – it’s their job to sell stories, and they do this by having newsworthy content and headlines. Therefore no matter how important announcement may seem to you, if it doesn’t have a newsworthy angle it will never reach the headlines.

For example, add some interesting facts, statistics, and support it with research and studies to give you a better chance of avoiding the dreaded bin.

Show them that you care: Don’t use and abuse the media only when it suits your purposes. For example don’t call them only when you have a big launch. Show your appreciation and cultivate a loyal relationship on an ongoing basis. This will earn you their support and positive exposure when you need it most.