How YouTube Is Making TV Another Extinct ‘DINOSAUR’

YouTube took another giant leap towards eliminating TV from our dictionaries, by announcing it will stream Copa America football matches live. Just months ago the online giant pulled a similar stunt with the Cricket World Cup, and now it’s not looking like a stunt anymore but a fact of life that’s here to stay.

The implications are far-reaching. For instance it opens the floodgates for event owners who were previously handicapped by lack of interest from broadcasters. I must admit, live sport is one of the few segments which I thought would keep TV alive a little longer in the Intensive Care Unit. But this latest trend has disconnected TV’s life support machine. It’s now a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’ TV will die in its current format.

So who wins and who loses in this gigantic coup d’etat? Well one undisputed winner is the viewer, who will now have a wider programming variety than he can wrap his head around. Local and regional rights will have a different definition, and individuals will have varying access to technology.

But how will this affect subscriptions, you ask? Well you’ll now subscribe to a ‘cloud’ instead of to a particular station. This means you can now watch your favourite shows anywhere globe-wide without being confined to any local broadcaster.

Finally, how will all this affect the financial side of things? Will advertisers still be willing to invest like they spent on TV? The simple answer is: they don’t really have much choice. If you’re selling something then you have to go where the people are. However they must advertise in smarter ways unlike old-fashioned TV “Join us after this commercial break.”

All these are very interesting questions which only time will fully answer. But one thing that’s beyond reasonable doubt is that soon, your current TV will be for museums only.