Human Computer Interaction

3M Kiosk

The key design objective is to brand a multi-touch application which brings 3M products and services to the end user in a unique and expressive way. This is designed for outsized displays with multi touch capability & onscreen gesture recongnition.

SLIM Brain

The gameplay of lifting the SLIM Brand Excellence Trophy with the concentration power of mind of the contestants was developed with an objective of minimising the stress of the nominees of the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards before their presentations to the jury. The game leverages much knowledge in order to record and evaluate the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles in order to measure the concentration level of the user and offer a unique gameplay experience.


MILO Kick captures the gesture of the player real time and simulates the goal kick in the game play. The game makes a heavy use of advanced gesture recognition APIs in order to capture the skeletal movements of the player real-time. A special algorithm governs both the axial and lateral components of velocity to determine the speed and direction of the kick.

Nespray AR

The application recognizes the Nespray box via the camera feed of the device and renders a 3D simulation of pouring milk into a glass from a jar. The real time 3D simulation gives a live user experience to the viewers.