21st Century PR: If content is king, who’s the queen?

Let’s imagine you have the most beautiful voice in the world, but you only sing to yourself while driving or cooking. Nobody will ever know about your talent, because you’re not putting yourself in front of judges on Arabs Got Talent or other spotlights.

You have the content (your voice) and the audience (judges and record labels) but what you’re missing is the medium to reach that audience.

Sometimes content alone just isn’t enough. Because if content is king, then the medium you choose is the queen.

It’s no secret that Public Relations revolves around content. It is how you market your brand to the public, how you steal the headlines and the spotlights. But choosing the wrong medium is like singing your heart out at the wrong venue, while a sellout crowd waits impatiently for you at another venue.

In the 21st century you can’t go wrong by choosing Social Media as your primary medium. It has become the most influential and efficient tool for connecting your brand to its targeted audience. This has seen PR evolving into the social sphere through social PR. For example you can give your press releases added exposure by tweeting some quotes, or using video PR online by posting links to press conference videos. It’s instant, it’s personal and it’s live.

Expand your mind beyond newspapers, newsletters and media events. But don’t just take your PR onto social media for the sake of moving with the trends: first find out where your audience is concentrated. For example a business-to-business (B2B) audience would be on platforms like LinkedIn, while a business-to-consumer (B2C) audience might be more concentrated on Instagram, with Twitter as the common denominator.

The bottom line is content will always be king, but every good king needs a strong queen behind him!