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  • Fishing In A Swimming Pool: Is Your Media Center Where The Fish Are?

    If you work in or with the media sector, chances are that you’ve been involved with what is called a media center – whether or not you were aware of it at the time. This stores and organizes the media content which PR and marketing executives col...

  • Heroes of Yesterday, Casualties of Today

    History has just taught us a sobering lesson, with France as the classroom. The ‘France Soir’ newspaper (which means ‘French Evening’) was one of the heroes of French history. It began as an underground publication called ‘Defense de la Fra...

  • Lessons From The Rise And Fall Of “News Of The World”

    This weekend, the unthinkable will happen: the British tabloid “News of the World” will be shut down after 168 years. This follows an outrageous hacking scandal. So what can we learn? The first lesson is that if it could happen to Rupert Murdoch,...

  • Takatof!

    If you don’t speak Arabic, this is one occasion where you’ll wish you’d learned the language, just to understand the passionate power of the word ‘Takatof’. It stirs up strong emotions and literally means “togetherness”. And togethernes...

  • How YouTube Is Making TV Another Extinct ‘DINOSAUR’

    YouTube took another giant leap towards eliminating TV from our dictionaries, by announcing it will stream Copa America football matches live. Just months ago the online giant pulled a similar stunt with the Cricket World Cup, and now it’s not look...

  • My Untold Story

    As a CEO and media practitioner, I attend many conferences annually but the TEDx stood out for me. Here I spoke from the heart, and the honest nature of the conference prompted me to reveal some facts from my journey which I have previously kept shie...

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