Latest Trends in the Event Industry

Once upon a time, the most cutting edge thing in the Event industry was a live kitchen station. Since then, things have gotten let’s say slightly more complex. In today’s world – touch points are cross pollinated and it’s hard to say where the real world ends and the virtual one begins. But thankfully – the core feature of our agency is in integrated services – specifically we have an incredible Head of Innovation and a strong Digital department – making the migration to Events 2.0 pretty seamless.

Here are the top 3 trends in the Events industry today.

  1. 360 Live Streaming
    A few years ago – you could either make it to an event or you couldn’t. Today – those who aren’t available to physically be there due to distance or other circumstances, can join the event through logging into a pre-specified account. As an Event planner – remember to treat these guests with equal importance. Attend to them, cater to them, and pre-plan for any connectivity issues!
  2. Real Time Data
    The use of RFID chips or ibeacon technology allows the event to become an automated machine, processing data instantaneously which you as an event manager can respond to in real time. It helps ensure the event is always appealing to those who matter the most: the guests!
  3. Smart Activations
    Smart tech like the AR/VR and face recognition technology immersed in the events scene a few years ago but interest is still buzzing. Consider it the new touch-screen: likely to be here for ages. Smart Activation turn touchpoints to experiences and bring your pre-function zones to life.


Ghazaleh Akhavain leads our event department and has the expertise, connections and vision to produce events that are memorable and exceed expectations. Her clients include: TRA, Dubai Islamic Bank, DP World and Abu Dhabi Police. In her spare time – she enjoys brushing her infant Sophie’s unruly hair as a form of working out