My Untold Story

As a CEO and media practitioner, I attend many conferences annually but the TEDx stood out for me. Here I spoke from the heart, and the honest nature of the conference prompted me to reveal some facts from my journey which I have previously kept shielded close to my heart.

The venue provided a beautiful backdrop for storytelling. I found myself reaching deep within my history and my memories to unearth stories which had a profound effect not just on me, but on those I crossed paths with on the roads and crossroads of my life’s journey. When I look back, it’s these people who are the true authors of my success story, because they believed in me even when I sometimes found it challenging to believe in myself.

I narrated how I look at challenges not as obstacles blocking my path, but as stepping stones that help me cross to the other side where the grass is greener. The projects I’ve enjoyed most are the most difficult ones, because very few people are brave enough to tackle them so this gives me added motivation.

I promised myself that I would reveal more of my untold story in future, so it can hopefully inspire someone out there who won’t have to learn things the hard way. If people use my lessons and become even more successful than me, far from me being envious or jealous, I’ll be the proudest man on earth. That’s exactly why we started Alsayegh Media at a time when many agencies were shutting down; to share our passionate mix of local expertise and world class experience. Because the future belongs not to those who wait for it, but those who shape it.