Planning An Event For A Government Entity.

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Ghazaleh Akhavain, Event Manager

Since the inception of Alsayegh Media, one of our strongest attributes and indeed a key USP of our agency is the capability to deliver world-class services to the government sector.

Often viewed as a complex sector requiring a high level of attention to detail, we have always thrived on ensuring we’re in tune with the direction the UAE’s leadership is going, allowing us to specialise in working with a host of government organisations.

In my six years as part of the agency’s event’s team, my core specialty has become planning exceptional events for the government. And I’d like to share several of the key elements I’ve learned along the way, that definitely help when pitching for, planning and running an event for a government entity.

  1. Be aware. Do you know the direction the government is taking? Not just your client – but the vision of the country’s leadership? Often, the event needs to subtly steer in that direction, and as the person in charge – you have to lead the way.

  2. Be organised. You cannot possibly do too much planning when it comes to events – so much so that even if there is an earthquake, you should have a contingency for your event!

And here’s a real-life example: at an event we organised a couple of years ago, two hours before it was due to start, our MC had a last minute emergency and had to leave. Thankfully, we had a strong database and a second (already approved) option in our back pocket. The show, as they say, went on! As Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going – you will end up someplace else.”

  1. Be prepared. You will never have enough time and invariably a variety of challenges will present themselves, especially at the eleventh hour. So be sure you’re focused on your objectives, stay organised, realistic and flexible.

  2. Be informed. It always pays to do your homework – I can’t stress enough the importance of research and knowledge. A key attribute of our team is that we’ve all been well trained on VIP protocol. These protocols are a crucial part of the ecosystem and it is essential that you are able to provide your clients and guests with the correct and appropriate treatment.

  3. Be a hunter. In line with the ethos of the UAE – you should have limitless ambition by aiming high and searching for the next big innovation, idea or execution. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the government sector and in particular, at their events. AR, VR and robotics have been popular recently, but will they be usurped by something else? You always need to be on the cutting edge.

Ghazaleh Akhavain leads our event department and has the expertise, connections and vision to produce events that are memorable and exceed expectations. Her clients include: TRA, Dubai Islamic Bank, DP World and Abu Dhabi Police. In her spare time – she enjoys brushing her infant Sophie’s unruly hair as a form of working out :)