Do you have what it takes to be a PR guru?

We have often heard expressions like, “He’s such a smooth talker, he could sell ice to an Eskimo,” or “She’s so sleek, she could sell sand to a Bedouin!”

But what qualities does it take to be a PR expert at the top of your game? Test yourself: if you answer yes to all the following questions, you’re a PR mastermind in the making…

Do you…

Have an undying passion for communications?
Stay on top of the latest trends in social, digital and traditional media?
Think strategically when you are representing the public image of your clients, and your own reputation?
Conduct in-depth research, planning and editing before sending anything out to the public?
Always know what the biggest talking points in world news are?
Stay proactive, yet keep a reactive plan at the back of your head?
Develop your persuasive and negotiation skills… ensuring that your favorite item of clothing is your hat of self-confidence?
Flexible enough to switch from straight to the point, to funny or emotional — and above all, a masterful storyteller before an audience?
Creative enough to keep exploring new ways of going the extra mile for your clients?
Honest enough to admit when you can do better?

Remember, it’s totally OK to feel tired but never OK to miss a news opportunity. The wheels of the train are always rolling and once you miss the bandwagon, there are no second chances.
Every time you pick up a newspaper, switch to a news channel or debate world affairs, a PR expert somewhere somehow is influencing your opinion. The million dollar question is whether you want to be reading the headlines, or making the headlines…