PR: It’s all about ROI

Ask any client whether PR is important, and you’ll get an emphatic “Yes”. But ask those same clients exactly where their PR budget is going, and they start to stammer and stutter, giving vague replies. The bottom line is, PR is not just about throwing money at the problem. It’s about investing your budget in something that gives you the best ROI (Return On Investment).

Understanding your PR objectives is essential, because it enables you to justify your PR cost to other decision makers, in terms of short and long-term benefits.

Value: Judge the value you are getting by weighing the costs against the benefits. For example you can get your brand on the front pages without spending billions in advertising. This does not necessarily mean you should spend less, but it means you will get more exposure with the same budget, compared to brands that don’t appreciate the significance of ROI.

Credibility: The target audience has become bombarded with promotion messages, to the point where they are becoming desensitized to marketing material. That means they instinctively ignore emails, banners, ads and more. Therefore twisting and tweaking your messages to make them seem like non-promotional material will make your messages more credible. This will spark greater trust and attention from the audience, and give you higher ROI.

Building bridges: PR is a unique tool that enables companies to build bridges with potential clients, partners and target audiences. Never forget that the abbreviation ‘PR’ includes the word “Relations”, so always build positive relationships with key constituencies.

If you fully exploit ROI, your PR will be an essential tool for your brand’s growth.