“The Fast and the Furious”: Our Biker Sequel

Picture 22 hardcore bikers, 22 roaring engines, 44 spinning wheels… and 2 HD cameras to capture every daring stunt and manoeuvre. That’s exactly what we experienced on our thrilling shoot for the supremely talented Godfather bikers’ team doing their stunts – it was an exciting case of ‘Horsepower meets Manpower’.

What I learned is that whatever you’re shooting, you have to immediately put yourself in your subject’s shoes and persona. For example if you’re shooting bikers, you have to think like they think, by anticipating their crazy twists and turns – otherwise your camera will always be left behind out of focus, and all it will capture is sand and more sand! In fact, your job is even more challenging than the bikers’ because not only must you catch up with them, but sometimes you must overtake them, to get variety in your camera angles, POV and shot selection. In this way a good cameraman is like an FBI profiler, who must think like the person he’s hunting down: like the FBI we also “capture” people (on film) and we also “shoot” people (with cameras).

I always say that a film is not made when you’re actually shooting it, but during editing. It’s amazing how you only truly appreciate what your cameras captured when you sit down to edit – it’s almost like you’re a first-time viewer! Our job was made much easier by the fact that our 22 bikers were very safety-conscious. They knew that even a brave man puts safety first, and they spent at least 45 minutes checking and double-checking their safety gear. What we took away from this experience is that when a shoot is properly planned and managed, it will start to feel less like a job and more like an adventure.

Thank you again to the Godfather team for letting us capture your adventure and sharing your adrenalin rush with the world through this video.