The Simple Purchase of Opportunity

When we were young, we all had simple needs. As we grew, our needs did too, our ambitions did too, our challenges did too…but then opportunities did too.

So, when two Facebook rejects said to themselves, “what’s up”, Mark Zuckerberg repented at the lost opportunity. He would have cursed his human resource department who turned down Jan Koum and Brian Acton. After all, there rejection did cost him $19 billion.

Irrespective of the debate going on as to whether Mark over payed, since they are not looking at advertisement revenues through WhatsApp, I think, the opportunity that the buyout has brought to the table will be immense. And it is not going to stop at that.

The digital world is like a new born. Change is happening every second. And with every change, there is new growth, a new tenet, a new character. And all for the better. While everyone is affected by this ever transforming opportunity abundant world – the digital world – which is making life more simpler…more accessible, the media and communication solutions landscape has a lot to gain.

It throws open immense opportunities for all of us to take our everyday thinking to the next level. And with developments like Facebook buying WhatsApp, the digital world will only have a better environment to create superior platforms, with simplicity.

So, today, as the new generation, the young ones, grow with simple digital needs, we can look back at ours and be proud of how long we have walked…rather sprinted.