The world’s greatest leaders are 5 years old!

One of the biggest mysteries of the human race is: are leaders born, or made, or both? Can anyone learn to become like Alexander the Great, who ruled most of the world by the time he was in his early 20s?

At a very young age, children are taught to aspire towards greatness and look up to a role model of their own — be it their parents, teachers or celebrities. Right from the start, children are groomed to be leaders; yet some turn out to be conquerors and others don’t.

So have you ever wondered what’s the reason behind such differences in personality? Psychologists’ studies show that the characteristics of adulthood leadership can be traced back to early childhood. Parents who encourage the values of teamwork, respect, social understanding and a never-ending thirst for learning tend to have children who show signs of early leadership as part of their personality traits.

As they grow older, children start setting goals for themselves. These goals can also be extended to the groups in which they grow up, such as friends and classmates. The moment they start building their organizational skills, it is easy to tell that a child is on the right track to being a leader. Natural leaders often derive happiness and pleasure from motivating others. Therefore the best leaders are those who transform their followers into leaders.

Good leaders make you perform at your limit, but great leaders show you how to exceed your limit and excel at levels you never knew you were capable of. Great leaders inspire others not only to follow their vision, but to willingly gallop towards it.

So to all parents and parents-to-be: point your child in the right direction, and help unleash their highest potential. And be nice to your child; after all, you never know who will be ruling the world tomorrow!