How the Young Entrepreneur Competition made us feel younger!

Everyone has been looking for the secret to eternal youth. Magazines say you stay younger by looking after your skin, while doctors say it’s about your diet or exercise. But all these things only help you look younger; we discovered a way to FEEL younger… by spending more time with enthusiastic youths!

We had the great pleasure of managing the Young Entrepreneur Competition, and if you think they are just kids then you’re kidding yourself! If you think they don’t understand business then it’s you who doesn’t understand the young generation. Throughout our thrilling voyage with the competition’s social media and videography accounts, it was a non-stop rollercoaster ride of surprises at every corner. Their passion rubbed off on us and it really convinced me that this country’s future is in very safe hands.

If you look at today’s leading hi-tech companies and social media giants, they were started by youngsters who in many cases hadn’t even started their first job. We see our youths as a mirror image of that trend. From Day One they sent everyone messages, such as “Hey future, the soldiers of business are coming!” we feel this is exactly what’s engraved inside each of these young visionaries. Their energy was tireless, and if they suffered a setback they just rebounded with renewed enthusiasm.

We must admit, we now want to take better care of my health… so we can live long enough to see what amazing creativity these kids have in mind for our country! Our best gift to them is to support them year after year, mentoring them as positive role models and above all, leading by example.

We hope you have as much fun watching this video as we had producing it!