Your Business Story

  • Young Businessman In The Office

Ghassan Alamat, Head of Animation

Telling your business story is a not only about words, figures, facts and numbers, it’s more about how to tell it, how to express it and how to visualise it.

Audience usually tends to immediately imagine once they start hearing a story, and you cannot hold people’s imagination or block them in your own box, which might lead to a miscommunication or mislead customer expectations.

Though creating your business/offer/service…etc animated film, can communicate your message more accurately, clearly and effectively, which will allow you to control your customers’ imagination and expectation.

Bearing in mind that 65 – 70% of people are visual learners, which also assure you that people will memorize the animated information 70% more than normal text content.

We at Alsayegh Media try to always make sure your business message is delivered through creative, innovative and smart animated film. Using the latest technology and trends.